RetrieverHealth e.V.

An idea is born… RetrieverHealth is launched!

This non-profitable association is committed to the obligation, to support research projects concerning the health of Retrievers out of controlled FCI breeding. In this age of genetic testing, we must try to exclude as many diseases as possible. We owe it to this wonderful breeds, the dogs and the owners.

Research is expensive, therefore we need your support. Support in the form of financial donations, which of course can be tax deductible. Each donation can help to achieve something big at the end! Maybe not just for the Retriever!

All donations are passed to the corresponding research project!

Currently the research involves investigations into an inherited form of epilepsy related to the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. There is reasonable suspicion that there is a corresponding form of epilepsy via Mono-genetic inheritance with the general Retriever breed. Should this be verified, we could avoid ill dogs with a corresponding gene test, without the loss of genetic diversity.

The projects are led by Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb, Genetics Institute, University of Bern in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Hannes Lohi, University of Helsinki. More under projects!

We thank the following companies and clubs for their donation for the epilepsy project:
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