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Donations sent to universities

Today, we were able to donate € 3.300 to donations for research into the epilepsy of the Golden and Labrador retriever to the universities of Bern and Helsinki. Thanks again to all donors who have made this possible!

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News from Finland

Dear Michael,
Thanks you for your email and I apologize a delayed reply due to a busy start of the Fall time!

Here is a brief summary of the current research status (cc Riika, my PhD student in the project).

We currently have >1000 blood samples from Labrador Retrievers in our gene bank, partly collected together with our collaborators Dr. Helena Niehof-Oellers (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Prof. Tosso Leeb (University of Bern, Switzerland). This cohort includes ~200 epileptic or suspected epileptic dogs. We keep collecting more all the time.

We have studied now 171 Labradors, including 123 epileptic (or suspected) and 48 epilepsy-free dogs. We have analyzed the genomes of the 171 dogs (genoptyping with 172 000 SNPs or DNA markers) and have started to compare the data between epileptic and non-epileptic dogs to find the genetic cause. We have not found yet a major breakthrough but data analysis is still ongoing using various statistical approaches. We are also rechecking the phenotypes of the dogs to better categorize them in the analyses. The clinical phenotype is somewhat varaible between the dogs and we need to be careful in how to handle them in the analysis. We consult veterinary neurologist to learn more.

We have also palnned a new experiment to read the entire genomes of a subcohort of epileptic dogs (n=~30) that are related to each other and present clnically similar epilepsy phenotype. This analysis has much higher resolution into the genome and should reveal regions and candidate mutations that all epileptic dogs share and could be then further validated to understand how they relate to the disease. We hope to start the experiment within this month to get genome data back for bioinformatic analyses in next two months.

We are very grateful to Labrador Retriever owners and breeders who have participated in the study! We continue collecting samples for the project and all new samples and welcome particiaption from any new cases that you become aware. We want to solve this disease mystery for the breed and other breeds.

We are also grateful to your previous and possible future donations that help to run this project! Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thanks you and best regards,
(Prof. Hannes Lohi)

Canine Genetics Group
Program in Molecular Neurology and Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

General meeting of the Retrieverhealth e.V.

At the general meeting of the Retriever Health e.V. last Sunday, a new board was elected:

Michael Golz (1st Chairman)
Tanja Gewies (2nd Chairman)
Dorothea Böhmer (Treasurer)

Thank you very much to all who supports our club and currently especially the ‘project Epilepsy’. Not only to the members, but also to the many donors and those who support various actions for the association and the project!

Revenue / expenditure of the Retriever Health e.V. per 12.03.2016

earnings 13.846,17 €
thereof donations 12.514,61 €
passed donations 9.000,00 €
expenditures 346,91 €

RH Einnahmen Ausgaben 2016-03-12_1
RH Einnahmen Ausgaben 2016-03-12_2

Revenue / expenditure of the Retriever Health e.V. per 16.01.2016

earnings 12.629,52 €
thereof donations 11.769,51 €
passed donations 9.000,00 €
expenditures 346,91 €

RH Einnahmen Ausgaben_1
RH Einnahmen Ausgaben_2
RH Einnahmen Ausgaben_3

Transferring donations to Bern and Helsinki

Donations in the amount of € 9.000,- were transferred to the institutes of genetics at the universitys Bern and Helsinki in the end of octobre.

Prof. Hannes Lohi wrote:
“Warm thanks Michael! We are expecting the frst genetic data back next week from about 200 dogs soon to start analyses to locate the epilepsy gene in Labradors.

And Prof. Leeb:
“Dear Mr. Golz,
many thanks for this great donation.
Kind regards,
Tosso Leeb”

Once more many thanks to all of you that made this possible!!

Revenue / expenditure of the Retriever Health e.V. per 24.08.2015

earnings 9.279,56 €
thereof donations 8.689,55 €
expenditures 124,25 €


Donation from the BZG 5 Main-Taunus

Once more a reason to say thank you VERY much!

The managing committee of the BZG 5 Main-Taunus and the organisation members of the workingtest “am ewigen Eis” organised a donation collection for RetrieverHealth e.V. and gained 500,– Euro!!!!
Special thanks to Angelika Laux, Doris Wirth and Albert Kohmer for taking the initiative!
But of course many thanks also to the starters on the spot that donated altogether 267,90 Euro. The managing committee of the BZG 5 Main-Taunus roundet this amount up to 500,– Euro.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you!!!!

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