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Donation from the GRC e.V.

Many thanks to the GRC e.V. (Golden Retriever Club) who made a donation of 1500,- Euro for our club and the Epilepsy Project. We want to thank you a lot in the name of our members and Prof. Leeb and Prof. Lohi! Researching is on it’s way to the fullest.

Revenue / expenditure of the Retriever Health e.V. per 25.07.2015


Thank you!

We would like to thank one company from Erlangen that has given us a solid foundation with a donation of 3,000 euros!
Furthermore, a big thank you:
FIREDOG, ROMNEYS and HUND & FREIZEIT for their generous donations!
Especially thanks also to each of you – with each donation you bring us a piece forward! THANK YOU!

Revenue / expenditure of the Retriever Health e.V. per 18.06.2015

RH Einnahmen Ausgaben 18-06-2015

Why RetrieverHealth e.V.

We were asked why we founded this association. The eight founding members is the health of Retriever from controlled breeding at heart. They are affected by the issue epilepsy partly directly (by affected dogs) or indirectly (through breeding). I myself, for example, had my first Labrador due to this disease at the age of 3 ¼ years to sleep.

Dr. Leni NiehofOellers initiated due to suspicion of monogenic inheritance collaboration with the Universities of Bern / Switzerland and Helsinki / Finland. If this were possible, for this an appropriate genetic test could be developed in the short term. Professors Tosso Leeb and Hannes Lohi work coordinated on this project. This requires not only blood samples from affected dogs, but of complete litters and the parents. These are now at sufficient number of Labrador and Golden Retrievers on site. The actual research can and should begin in early July.

Research costs money. Funds are needed in six figures for the aforementioned project. So, for example, costs following indication of the University of Bern, the sequencing of the genome of a single dog € 3000. Examined must be a variety of complete litters. These funds can not be applied alone, at least in the short term by the universities.

At this point, the founding members have decided Retriever Health Association to set up, since the universities are specified in accordance with already for administrative reasons not be able to accept small donations (under € 1,000). The aim of the association is collecting donations exclusively accrue to this project. Specifically, this means that the donations received are earmarked for the said research project. For the donations received a separate account has been established, will be taken directly from the information received from the funds.

In addition, we intend to raise funds actively. For this we are using our homepage and are active in Facebook. We recruit members and ask them to get involved this accordingly. We are also active as reach out to companies and these ask for donations. All with the goal of driving the above-mentioned project. The aim of breeding associations is collecting donations. Furthermore, research projects should be promoted not only club across, but also across countries. For this reason, the website was created in English additionally.

If sufficient funds for the aforementioned project epilepsy have been received, the club will focus more topics in the field of research for health of our dogs.

Who deals with the issue of epilepsy in the Retrievers, quickly recognizes not only the extent of the disease, but also how massively suffer not only the dogs but especially among their owners. We ask for your support, specifically to your donations. And of course we look forward to each new member. If you want to be this, please just send an email to We will reply shortly.

Many Greetings

Michael Golz
V1 Retriever Health e.V.

Thank you!

Epilepsy in Golden Retrievers and Labradors

Since we have been confronted in recent months heaped with dogs suffering from epilepsy, we started to collect blood for research (Dr. Leni Niehof for Labradors). Due to the many cases a monogenic inheritance is suspected for at least one form of epilepsy for which there was a corresponding gene test could be found relatively quickly.
The issue epilepsy is sensitive, the pressure was great, the time out small. And yet we did it and could provide appropriate blood of entire families within the allotted time.
But we do not manage it alone. I want to thank all those who have taken the trouble and the cost to themselves! Be it for your willingness to give blood of their dogs, but also for the willingness to share their knowledge of epilepsy affected dogs. It was a prevailed international cooperation perhaps as never before. Beside a German breeder all helped! From many countries, such as Denmark, France, Finland or England we get appropriate blood tests and knowledge. Thanks for that!

The research carried out by Prof. Leeb, University of Bern and Professor Lohi, Helsinki will begin in late June.

Registration takes place in the register of associations

After some minor discussions with the District Court of Cologne about the Statute Retriever Health is registered under number VR 18548 in the register of associations of Cologne.

Tax Office confirmed non-profit status

After sending the draft statute, the tax office Bergheim sends the following message:

The examination of the draft statutes submitted by you has shown that this fully complies with the rules on tax-exempt purposes within the meaning of the AO. I can therefore confirm that the club would serve to this statute exclusively and directly tax-privileged purposes. “

Retriever Health is born!

The founding members shall act in the founding meeting the in advance for review to the tax authorities sent statutes. Retriever Health e.V. is born!

An idea is born

After discussions on various health topics in the Retriever breed the idea to found an association for the promotion of appropriate research projects arises.

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